Lake District Hotel to install second biomass boiler

One of the North of England’s leading green hotels and definitely the greenest in the Lake District have started work on installing their second biomass boiler.

The Langdale Hotel on the Langdale Estate are in the process of further enhancing their green credentials in the form of a second biomass boiler. The first biomass boiler was installed in 2012 and for the past two years has been heating nine bedrooms, two conference rooms, two commercial kitchens and two restaurants and offices as well as the twenty metre swimming pool and changing rooms at the estates luxury spa.

At present the boiler housing is being constructed and will be finished off to be in keeping with the immediate surroundings on the estate, something this organisation carries out on even the smallest of details on all of its projects. Being in the Lake District National Park this factor is also mandatory.

langdale hotel biomass

Biomass boiler housing construction at the Langdale Hotel

As most hotels in the Lake District are only just waking up to the idea of biomass, Langdale are now progressing biomass further as well as another exciting and sustainable energy generating project, a waterwheel. The waterwheel construction has just been completed in the last month. To comply with sustainable practices even further, both the biomass boiler supplier and installer and the waterwheel designers and constructors are Cumbrian based. The waterwheel is undergoing testing at the moment and due to go start electricity production very shortly.

Recent reports from The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) mean the lowering of greenhouse gases is more important than ever. The WMO reported that concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere between 2012 and 2013 grew at their fastest rate since 1984. There is now a large focus on high energy consumption businesses to look further into what they can do to lower their carbon emissions.

Hopefully the recent sustainable development at the Langdale Hotel and Estate will prompt more Lake District and Cumbrian hotels and businesses to look into alternative energy production because every little counts.